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Dating a food blogger

I’ve been a food blogger for 2 years now. I’ve met a lot of people who share the same interests and passion for food and food photography, and glad to call some of them my friends. Before I start, I just need to clearly state that food bloggers are not ‘important’ nor do they seek special treatment, at least that’s the case for me. They might do this for different reasons, but the main reason is their utmost passion for FOOD!

This is a bit different from what I usually blog about, actually it’s completely different 🙂 I thought I’d shed some light on the ‘life of a food blogger’ in a light –not so serious- way. Instead of boring you with a long article about how and why food bloggers do what they do, how they’re perceived, and all that, I thought I’d make a simple –but fun- Pros & Cons list, and the topic today is ‘Dating a food blogger’


shutterstock_2574127211) Attending events

Pros: You’ll get to attend fun events, restaurant openings, exclusive launch parties…etc. might find your photo featured on big social media networks.

Cons: You probably won’t have the chance to enjoy it with your partner, as he/she will either be having their picture taken (that’s why they were invited) or just really busy struggling to take as many pictures of the food with 20 other bloggers there doing the same thing.


shutterstock_5507222052) Special date nights

Pros: You partner will know the best places to eat, might even have some sway with the owners, guaranteed to have a nice dinner date.

Cons: No matter the occasion, they WILL want to take photos of the food before you THINK of touching it. It’s just in their blood.


shutterstock_3954545923) Home cooked meals

Pros: Your partner being the foodie he/she is will want to experiment new recipes and create new creative things in the kitchen, perhaps you’ll often get a nice home cooked dinner and some cookies every now & then.

Cons: The trial and error process is exhausting and takes forever, and when he/she finally gets it right, you’ll have to wait as they take the ‘right picture’ with the right ‘setup’ of whatever dish they made, not to mention taking another one with their phone for that instant Instagram story/Snapchat, and trust by then, it won’t taste as good.


shutterstock_6681267164) Presence of a professional camera at all times

Pros: You never have to worry about the bad lighting on your camera phone, and guaranteed to always have nice photos when you’re out with your partner.

Cons: Don’t flatter yourself, the camera is really there for the food, especially the unexpected spontaneous shots that can happen anytime of the day. If you don’t believe me, check the photos on the camera, I guarantee 1 photo for you against 5 photos of food (if not more).


shutterstock_5666114025) Sharing interests with your partner

Pros: It’s healthy & fun to have something in common with your partner, something you’re both passionate about and willing to give ‘some’ time of your day doing.

Cons: They’re way more into it than you are, so much that you either lose interest in the ‘foodie lifestyle’ or slowly become a food blogger yourself, just so you can maintain the relationship.


shutterstock_1869069446) And of course, the elephant in the room FREE FOOD!

Pros: Need I say more? Its food and its free.

Cons: It’s not always good food, actually, most of the time you’d wish you had paid for food instead of the $%&#% you were served. But who am I kidding, it’s still FREE.


Leave a comment and tell me if you think you’d want to put up with this 😉

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The Start

For those who don’t know me, I thought I’d share a little more about myself and how I got to creating this food blog.

Ever since I was a teenager, I’ve had a passion for photography & music. I would always spend my allowance on cameras and developing films (not that old btw).

Throughout the years, I’ve gotten to use better and bigger cameras, all on an amateur level, my subjects got to change as I grew older and experienced more of their world.

For the past 2-3 years, I’ve combined 2 of my passions; food & photography 🙂 and started to take photos of food, whether at a restaurant or cooked at home. And as an OCD person, styling and making it look good was a challenge.

People started responding and admiring my photos, telling me I should do this for a living, which I still don’t see happening for various reasons; like I’m not a professional food photographer/stylist. And my favorite photography subject has always been sceneries and nature, as you can see on my Instagram @omarslens

 About 5 months ago, I started an Instagram account (@omarsfood), to share my food pics and focus on that. I’ve been very lucky with the response, started to get a lot of followers, small restaurants started reposting my photos and inviting me to try out their new menus, and as short time went by, the restaurants got bigger & the invites got cooler and now I’m getting invited by the biggest marketing & advertising agencies in town, to attend big events and openings for they’d want social media influencers (a word I hate btw) to show up.

That’s pretty much how it all started for me, I would love to one day become adequate enough to make a living out of doing something I love.